Carolyn Ballard, MS, RD, LD

My Story

When I turned 16, most of my friends were asking their parents for cars.  I asked mine for a food processor and pastry bags (though I eventually gave up on the pastry chef dream realizing I had no artistic ability). Anytime I wasn't driving around in circles with my friends, I was watching Food Network religiously, experimenting with recipes, and learning new techniques in the kitchen.  

In my junior year of college I began weight lifting with a personal trainer and immediately came to realize the connection between food and physical fitness.  As I added more whole, unprocessed foods to my diet, I noticed significant changes in my energy levels, my endurance, and even my mood. 

After college I began sharing my newfound knowledge and passion for fitness as a Fitness Battalion Boot Camp Instructor. I then earned my Master's in Nutrition at Georgia State University and became a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. Today I spend my time educating and empowering clients to be their best self.

My Philosophy

Education. It's not just about the what, but the why. We all know what we eat is important. Most of us even know what we could improve upon. Anyone can tell you the what. But do we really understand the why? It is my goal to provide clients with the why - the education needed to sustain lifestyle changes and quit fad diets forever.

Balance. In the simplest of terms, balance is what keeps us from falling. If we eat in an unbalanced way, our body becomes out of balance and we fall victim to weight gain, weight loss, disordered eating, nutrient deficiencies, or other health problems. This is true not only for eating, but for every aspect of life - exercise, sleep, stress, hydration, relationships... the list goes on. As a nutrition professional, my goal is to assess these variables and their effect on your nutritional status.

Moderation. You can have it all, just not all at once. When you truly master moderation you can have a healthy relationship with food. Eating should never give us feelings of guilt or regret, and it should also never be used as reward. Food is fuel... and sometimes it just happens to taste great!

My Work

I specialize in an integrative approach to weight management, sports nutrition, and wellness counseling for both adult men and women. I work with many types of clients, from elite athletes to avid gym-goers and non-exercisers. My focus is on real, unprocessed foods and realistic approaches to lifestyle change. If you have questions about whether we would be a good fit, just use the Contact section to reach me!